Meetings in person or online

Visits can take place on-site at the office or online. If you are more comfortable with meetings in the form of live contact, we invite you to our office located in Warsaw at Aleja Niepodległości 159, room 76.
If it’s more convenient, intimate or comfortable for you to attend online sessions, I am able to meet with you via videoconference.

You can cancel appointments without incurring fees up to 24 hours before the scheduled meeting time. We will then schedule another convenient time, and the fee paid for the missed appointment will be transferred to the next one. All you need to do is inform us about the cancellation 24 hours before the session. You can do it in several ways: by phone, e-mail, text message or instant message.

Duration: 50 min
Price: 220 zł

Specializing in helping with:
– depression
– anxiety
– panic attacks
– low mood
– hypochondria
– social phobia
– personality disorders
– low self-esteem
– difficulties with experiencing and expressing your emotions
– problems with motivation
– crisis situations
– finding yourself in a new setting

…and many other problems

Psychoterapia oferta Patryk Roczon

Nowadays we experience many problems that take a toll on our mental health. Depression, phobias, addictions, conflicts with others… we are not always able to deal with them on our own. Fortunately, we don’t have to. In my work as a psychologist, I implement proven psychotherapeutic methods to help patients cope with these difficulties and get to know themselves better. I approach everyone with understanding and empathy. Based on the techniques of cognitive-behavioral therapy and schema therapy, I work with the patient to understand his thoughts, behaviors and emotions, and their origins. By meeting together in the office in Warsaw or online, I believe that we are able to achieve your goals.

Don’t hesitate to ask for help

Sometimes therapy isn’t enough. If you’re starting to experience suicidal thoughts and find yourself increasingly thinking about carrying them out – seek help! Immediately go to your nearest emergency room or hospital emergency department (SOR). If you are unable to do so, call the toll-free emergency number 112.