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In times of crisis, deterioration of mood, anxiety or difficulty falling asleep, it’s worth asking for help from a specialist. The support of an experienced psychotherapist may also prove to be a solution in the case of phobias and other mental disorders. If your problems persist despite repeated attempts to overcome them, you shouldn’t delay making an appointment for expert solutions. I offer professional psychological support to help you on your journey to solving your problems and reaching your goals in my office located in Warsaw’s Mokotów district.

Comprehensive Psychotherapy Warsaw Mokotów

I provide psychological care to individuals in distress. I put great emphasis on the continuous development of my skills, so that I can provide effective therapy for my clients. In my work with patients, I focus on creating a strong psychotherapeutic relationship built on trust and acceptance. Individuals who decide to undergo therapy in my office have the assurance of respect and an individual approach full of empathy. Additionally, clients have the option of therapy in one of two languages: Polish and English.


Most of the clients whom I help come to my office because they are struggling with anxiety and mood disorders, and their personal development is blocked due to low self-esteem. A significant portion also seek psychological counseling as they have difficulties adjusting to new environments or circumstances, such as relocation or change of employment. As a psychologist, I have a wide range of knowledge and experience that allows me to choose the optimal method of working with my clients based on their needs and goals for our therapy sessions.


Psychological Support in Warsaw

For those hoping to benefit from the psychotherapeutic methods available in Mokotów, Warsaw, I have much to offer. Those who decide to undergo therapy receive a series of guidelines for their specific cases. I specialize in a psychotherapeutic approach that has been well-established as evidence-based, yet it still manages to evolve, generating interest among the medical community and patients themselves. This approach is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and it is a method focused on achieving one’s specific goals. According to CBT’s principles, the person participating in the session allows herself to be guided by the therapist. The therapist, in turn, focuses on changing the patient’s behavior and thought patterns in order to help her get rid of bad habits and views that distort her perception of reality.

In individual therapy, the professional establishes a bond with the patient. At the same time, he becomes somewhat of a guide and companion on the patient’s journey. While traditional cognitive behavioral therapy focuses on working with one’s emotions and thoughts in the present moment, it is also of great importance to help clients make sense of their pasts by analyzing their interpretations of specific events. To do this I use schema therapy, a method based on CBT, which combines many other techniques from different approaches, and due to its effectiveness, it has become extremely popular around the world. Schema therapy aims at a deeper analysis of childhood memories, which helps to understand the origin of maladaptive behaviors or attitudes that the patient acquired during that period. It also poses theoretical scenarios for the person to understand themselves and the difficulties they experience. Schema therapy helps to observe consequences of one’s attitudes and behaviors, and it evaluates the way the patient herself looks at them. The psychotherapist aims to change the distorted perceptions in the client if they cause discomfort, suffering, or make the subject feel guilty.

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Experienced Psychologist in Mokotów, Warsaw

It’s worth seeking help from a psychologist or psychotherapist in every situation that has a negative impact on a patient’s life. A conversation is not always enough, even though it releases emotions that have so far been pushed to the subconscious. An experienced specialist can conduct therapy in such a way as to sort out the feelings that have been expressed. During meetings with patients, we discuss these emotions and set a series of tasks to achieve a specific goal centered around improving one’s well-being. Essentially, our time in psychotherapy sessions is used to restore the patient’s inner balance.

Not only those suffering from anxiety disorders, social phobias or agoraphobia can count on the support of a psychotherapist. I also provide professional psychological help to people suffering from generalized anxiety disorder, panic attacks and many other types of mental disorders. Sexual dysfunction and eating disorders are also among the conditions that I can help with as a psychologist.


Effective Psychotherapy in Mokotów

Those interested in going through therapy under the care of a specialist can schedule an appointment at my office. I am currently in the process of a 4-year CBT certification. During the consultation patients will learn about the schedule of meetings and see if psychotherapy can be the solution to their problems. I meet with my clients in a modern office located in Mokotów, Warsaw with a beautiful view of the capital. The convenient location allows for easy access from any point of the city as the office is in the immediate vicinity of subway and streetcar stations.

If you or someone you know are experiencing problems of a psychological nature, I invite you to contact me, so that we may meet at the office in the Mokotów district, on Aleja Niepodległości. Those who prefer virtual sessions are also welcome to reach out to me to arrange an appointment.


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